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alchemy black
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welcome »
Welcome to Alchemy Black, the livejournal of R-J // gothic_nyx that serves as my place to post icons, art, wallpapers, manipulations, resources and other miscellanious pieces. I also have an art archive known as Lacrymosa that houses all pieces found here. Feel free to join this community or just friend it; however, you cannot post in this journal. I stress that whatever is displayed here (media, graphics, icons etc) and on my site is all made by me and are not to be taken without due credit.

requests »
I take icon requests on the odd occasion; I will post when icon requests can take place. For other graphics, such as layouts, LJ headers, Friends Only banners, etc, I will take your requests for a small fee (usually livejournal paid time/userpics). If you wish to request after viewing the samples of my work, please email me and we can discuss the specifics of the job.

rules »
001. First and most important: Comment and Credit. It's a simple courtesy that when you use my icons, art or media, that you comment and tell me what you are taking or using. Credit is mandatory and will be enforced.
002. For icons used on LJ (or any other journal sites), credit with either gothic_nyx or alchemyblack in the icon's keywords accordingly. Here's how: When uploading icons, you are given the option to insert keywords or comments for them, like a short description. Enter one of the names above into the description fields.
003. My request policy is above. I won't do icon requests unless I ask for them.
004. Direct linking will result in me a) being incredibly angry; b) telling you to take it down immediately; c) banned from my archive sites; or d) all of the above. It's rude; it's evil. I will not stand for it.
005. Don't alter my icons/art/etc at all. Textless icons aren't bases.
006. No reposting art/icons/media anywhere.
007. As above, and you happen to claim these graphics as your own? That's called stealing and will not be taken lightly.
008. Give me feedback! Constructive or positive, I love it.
009. I *love* being nominated in competitions; just please tell me where! Thanks in advance if you happen to do so :)
010. Manipulations are not to be used in any graphics at all unless specific and expressed permission is given.
011. Please don't ask for tutorials for icons/art. I have neither the time nor patience to try and duplicate an original piece of artwork. Even if I wanted to, I find it incredibly difficult to get the same effect. Thanks for understanding.

affiliates »
I'm always open to gaining more affiliate communities/journals! Please go to this post in order to view or join.

resource list »
Please view this post in order to see my varied resources for my graphics.

about alchemy black »
alchemy -- 1. medieval chemical science and philosophy that sought to turn base metals into gold, cure all diseases, and achieve immortality ;; 2. a mysterious, purifying transformation
black -- the darkest colour from its absorption of all light

The name 'alchemyblack' came to me very suddenly one night and I knew it was perfect for me. I'm a Gothic girl at heart so I wanted something to reflect my inner being. I have an interest in the study of alchemy, and black is the colour I associate with my soul. The current layout features lyrics from 'My Heart' by Paramore and the beautiful actress Billie Piper. Original LJ Coding is from butterflybox