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tutorial #1 // catch & release colouring

With the current success of my brushes (thanks everyone!), I thought I should branch out into other things and if the feedback is good, I'll continue with some tutorials every now and then. My first tutorial will be one from my recent icon batch and was made in Photoshop CS3 (but is probably workable through all versions of Photoshop). And now, without further ado, you can learn how to get the colouring on the following icons (and yes, they're the same technique):

1. Start with your base
I tend to start with my base image, in this case a screencap, and sharpen it a little.

2. Duplicate base > Set to Screen
This setting is adjustable, depending on whether your cap is bright or not.

3. Make a new Curves Adjustment layer
On the RGB channel, make the following points on the axis:
1st point - O = 82 I = 57
2nd point - O = 178 I = 160
3rd point - O = 224 I = 201

4. Make a new Colour Balance Adjustment layer
With 'midtones' checked, type each of the following into the 3 value boxes: -10 +9 +6

5. Make a new Selective Colour Adjustment layer
Input the following in the Red category:
Cyan: -2
Yellow: -25

Input the following in the Yellow category:
Cyan: -7
Yellow: -20
Black: -25

Input the following in the Neutrals category:
Cyan: +16
Yellow: +6
Black: -10

6. Make a new Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer
Set the Saturation to +18

7. Make another new Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer
Set the Saturation to +35

And you're done!
Playing with the settings is best; different types of images require different types of settings. I usually make these into Photoshop actions - 1 click and your icons are done. Also, adjust the Screen in layer 1 to whatever lightness you need, add brushes and text etc and you should hopefully have icons that look a bit like these:

Other Notes //
&; Comments are highly appreciated if you like this tutorial and would like to see me do some more in the future
&; CREDIT to gothic_nyx or alchemyblack
&; Check out Lacrymosa for more of my art
&; If you like my art resources, graphics, icons and other media, please join or watch this community for updates.

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